Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Homemade Saffron and Mango Kulfi

That first creamy bite of Kulfi was such a pleasure then and remains such a thing of joy till date. Now with so many mangoes making an appearance in the market, I thought why not make this again.

And yes, I still jump around the house when I have Kulfi! There is something about Kulfi that brings out the child in you. Go ahead, enjoy those moments :)

Time:  cooking time - 15 min + freezing time
Serve: Makes 6-8 kulfis (use kulfi mold or plastic water cup)



3½ cups whole milk (about 500 ml)

1 cup half and half
3 tbsp coarse almond powder(see note 3)
½ cup condensed milk (I used sweetened condensed milk)
¼ cup sugar
(adjust according to sweetness of mango pulp or puree) 
1 cup alphonso mango puree( fresh or ready made pulp- see note1)

pinch of saffron


1. Heat deep non stick pan, add milk and saffron. Let it reduce to about 1 cup qantity. 

2. Now add half and half, condensed milk, coarse almond powder and sugar. Bring to boil until all comes together and sugar dissolves.

3. Cool completely.  Add the mango pulp and mix well.

4. You can set these in any container you want. But traditionally Kulfi icecream are served in these special moulds where the icecream is set. You might finds these here in local Indian stores (mostly in larger ones).

5. Pour the ice cream into individual kulfi molds or plastic cup.

6. Freeze till set. Or you can wait till its half set and place a icecream stick in the center of it (the half frozen cream will help the stick to hold it in place). 

7. Freeze  again till completely set.

8. Unmould the kulfi. You can easily do that by placing it under running water for few seconds. Pull the stick gently and it will come out.

And Kulfi Icecream is ready! 

1. I had regular mangoes on hand. I took the pulp of about 2 large mangoes, processed them, strained them of any strings to make 1 cup of fresh mango pulp.
2. If using canned mango pulp, you can either reduce the sugar or cut out the sugar completely since most of the canned are sweet. But depends on how sweet you like it. Though my fresh mangoes were sweet and I was using sweetened condensed milk along with the sugar, it wasn't that sweet when frozen :)

3. As kulfy has little bit chewy grains, so I used corase almond powder or use 1 tbsp coarse broken rice.

Recipe courtesy tarla dalal


  1. flavorful n delicious kulfi...looks so creamy n perfectly done!!
    Spicy Treats

  2. Seriously kulfi looks extremely divine, feel like relishing some.

  3. I never tried to make kulfi at home. I'll now. Great recipe and blog Amruta.