Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cookie over Ice Cream

This one is quick and easy party dessert serving. I have used Breyer's fat free vanilla ice cream and Oatmeal cookie. You can use your choice of ice cream and cookie. It taste Delicious.

Serve: 6
Time: 5 Minutes


6 tsp Ice - Cream (of your choice)
12 cookies


1. Refrigerate ice cream to make if firm.

2. Place 6 cookies in tray. Take out ice cream and place 1 tsp over each cookie. Place another cookie over ice cream.

3. Gently push to make it Ice cream sandwich.

4. Refrigerate till the time you serve.

5. Serve chill.


1. Ice cream should be firm enough to place it on cookie. Otherwise it will melt before you serve.

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