Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to soak Sabudan(Sago)

1. In deep flat bowl/ pan add sabudana, quickly wash with water, drain completely. Now add water barely covering sabudana.
2. Then cover it with lid or wet cloth and set it aside.
3. After soaking, run your fingers through the  sabudana pearls and loosen the lumps if any. The sabudana should appear clear, translucent, swelled up and separate pearls although they should feel soft and hydrated (a small hard core is OK). 

1. Sabudana have to soak for at least 5 hrs. Always use deep flat bowl/pan for soaking sabudana.
2. How the sabadana dishes will turn out in the end depends on how well the sabudana was soaked. If soaked in too little water or for too short of time, it tastes raw. If soaked in too much water, it becomes sticky.
3. Avoid using hot water for soaking sabudana as it turns out sticky.
4. Some sabudana absorbs less water so after wash and drain, sprinkle little water and close the lid/wet cloth. 
5. To ensure that the sabudana soaks exactly as we want. As you begin soaking, gently turn the sabudana pearls every hour so that it absorbs water evenly. Do this for the first 2-3 hours, after that keep aside cover it.
6.After 4-5 hr, if all the water has got absorbed but the pearls aren’t fully soaked yet, sprinkle little more water and keep aside for some more time. If some water remains and sabudana feels soaked well, drain the excess water using a strainer.