Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dried/Fresh Fig Protein Smoothie

Although dried figs are available throughout the year, there is nothing like the unique taste and texture of fresh figs. They are lusciously sweet with a texture that combines the chewiness of their flesh, the smoothness of their skin, and the crunchiness of their seeds. 

Dried figs are the preserved fruit of the fig tree. Figs have a soft-textured and succulent flesh and a sweet, syrupy taste when ripe. Dried, they are firmer and their sweetness is much more concentrated. A single serving of dried figs provides a significant amount of calories as carbohydrates while remaining naturally low in fat. Dried figs are an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.Dried figs are excellent source minerals like calcium, copper, potassium, manganese, iron, selenium and zinc.

Easy to make in minute yet healthy and delicious. Indulge this at any time through out day. Kids will just love this satisfy taste buds and will never know this is full of nutrition. 

Time: 5 min + (if used dried figs soaking time) 
Serve: 2


6-8 number of dried/fresh figs

2 cups chilled milk
2-3 tbsp protein powder
3 tbsp almond powder(roasted)

pinch of cardamom powder
few ice cubes


1. If using dried fig, soak overnight in a warm water.

2. Next morning, for breakfast, blend the soaked figs, chilled milk, protein powder, ice cubes and 
cardamom powder to creamy smoothie.

3. Serve it immediately.

1. Use banana if protein powder is not available. 
2. Sugar is not required in this smoothie as figs and protein powder are sweet, taste smoothie before adding any sugar.