Sunday, July 5, 2009

Egg Omelette

Egg Omelet is very fast and easy recipe and can be eaten at breakfast, brunch and dinner. Egg has good nutrition facts and health benefits. Calorie cautious people can make egg white omelet by removing egg yolk as egg yolk contains fat. You can read the post on how to separate egg whites for doing egg white omelet. Rest of the procedure is same as below. Still it tastes yummy.

Serve: 1 Omelet
Time: 5 mins


2 eggs
1 small green chilies(finely chopped)
3 tsp onion(finely chopped)
1 tsp fresh cilantro
salt to taste


1. In bowl beat eggs, finely chopped green chilies, onion, cilantro and salt. Mix well, set aside.

2. Spray oil in 8-inch nonstick skillet or omelet pan over medium heat.

3. Pour egg mixture into skillet. Slide skillet back and forth rapidly over heat and, at the same time to spread eggs continuously over bottom of skillet.

5. Cover the pan with lid, Let it cook over heat a few seconds to lightly brown bottom of omelet. (Do not overcook--omelet will continue to cook after folding.)

6. Run flat stapula under the omelet, lift and make upside down to cook from other side. Let it cook for another few seconds.

5. Serve hot with bread, bagel, croissants, chapati, phulaki, rice.


1. Egg has many health benefits. @ Egg

2. You can have egg white omelet to maintain intake of fat still having protein diet.

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