Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bhakri - Pearl Millet Flatbread

Serve: 2 medium / 3 small bhakri
Time: 15 mins


1 Cup Bhajra (Pearl millet)/Jowar(Sorghum)/Nachni (Finger millet)/ Rice flour
warm water for kneading


1. In mixing bowl take Jowar flour.

2. Now start kneading the flour by gradually adding warm water.

3. Make soft dough.

4. Make balls of kneaded dough, one at each time.

5. Take rolling board and spread little jowar flour to avoid sticking while making bhakri.

6. With the help of fingertips start patting kneaded flour ball in circular shape like a chapatti.
Don’t pat to thin.

7. Turn on heat and place bhakari on tava/skillet.

8. Place the bhakri on tava in such a way that the side with no flour should get roasted first.

9. Apply little water on the surface with the help of clean cotton cloth or with fingers. (Be cautious) Roast well.

10. Flip and roast other side too.

11. Now remove from the pan and hold bhakari in direct flame to roast the edges. Do not burn it.

12. Serve hot

1. Bhakri can be served with butter or ghee/clarified butter on top and your choice of vegetables like Bharli vangi/stuffed eggplant, pithale, zunka, vangyache bharit, etc
2. Garlic-green chiles chutney(Kharda/thecha), raw onion would be great combination.

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