Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vangyache Bharit ( Mashed eggplant recipe )

Serve: for 4 people
Time: 15 mins


1 large Eggplant
1-2 medium onion ( finely chopped)
3-4 green chilies ( finely chopped) as per taste
2-3 tsp coriander ( finely chopped)
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
salt to taste


1. Wash eggplant and brush some oil on outer side of eggplant and make 2-3 small cuts on each eggplant using knife.

2. Roast it directly on gas till thoroughly cooked. Remove skin, stem and discard it.

3. Mash eggplant with fork or potato masher or using your fingers till it make a smooth texture.

4. Add chopped onions, green chilies, turmeric powder and salt and coriander. Mix well.

5. Serve with hot Bhakari, Chapati or phulaki.

1. Some people doesn't like smell of onion for them, in non-stick pan, add 1 tsp oil and add cumin seed, saute onions, green chilies. Add mashed eggplant, coriander and mix well.
2. You can broil eggplant or bake it in oven.
3. Keep an eye while baking on gas top or oven or broiling or grilling. Rotate it time to time so it will cook from all side. ( FYI: messes up the cooking range)
4. Green chilies can be replaced by red chili powder.

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  1. I add some tamarind paste and jaggery to the above recipe and believe me, it's heavenly. Also u can add fresh coriander or some finely chopped spring onions.