Saturday, March 21, 2015

Amrakhand ~ Mango Infused Yoghurt Dessert ~ Happy Gudi Padwa !!

Happy Gudi Padwa !!! Gudi Padva is the first day of Chaitra(first month) in the Marathi Hindu Calendar. As a offering I made Amrakhand. Amrakhand is simply Shrikhand blended with mango pulp. 

Shrikhand is a very popular Indian dessert made from strained yogurt, sugar and some dry fruits. This exotic Dessert is super simple to prepare and much healthier than other sugar coated Sweets.

Here I used store bought mango pulp. Fresh and ripe mangoes can also be used to make Amrakhand. For flavoring can add some cardamom powder, saffron(not used here), nutmeg powder(not used here) and dry fruits. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rich Eggless Cake

If you have one bite of this cake I bet you will want to finish it off. Its so good and melt in mouth delicious cake I ever had. This is very simple to bake and result will be rich spongy cake.  Recipe courtesy : My Gorgeous Friend Megha Gupta.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Chilled Cold Coffee (Instant Classic Coffee)

This chilled cold coffee is made in less than 2 minutes and is ever refreshing specially for summer months. First time I had cold coffee in Pune at Durga Cafe and got in love with it. 
Craving at late night? replace with decaf coffee, same taste without sleepless nights. To make the cold coffee more creamier and thicker you could add dash of fresh cream or sweetened condensed milk or a scoop of ice-cream.