Friday, March 23, 2012

Rava(Semolina/Suji) cha Sheera (or Halwa)

'Navin Varshachya Hardik Subhechha!' 'Happy Gudi Padwa'. 

Gudi Padwa is a Indian festivals falls in month of March. It is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra month to mark the beginning of the New year according to the lunisolar Hindu calendar. The word 'Padawa' which means the first day of the bright phase of the moon(New Moon) called pratipada in Sanskrit.

On the festive day, courtyards in village even in the city, people take the time out to do some spring cleaning. Women and children work to create beautiful rangoli designs on their doorsteps, the vibrant colours mirroring the burst of colour associated with spring. 

A gudi is found hanging out of a window or otherwise prominently displayed in traditional Maharashtrian households. Gudhi is believed to ward off evil, invite prosperity and good luck into the house.

Puran Poli is a great complementary addition to the most of the festivities, also on this occasion. Maharashtrian families also make Shrikhand Poori on this day. Everyone dresses up in new clothes and it is a time for family gatherings. I love puran poli, its a leisure time food. I made Puran Poli today click here for recipe. 

If you want to make sweet dish which is delicious and quick. Here is you go.
Delicious suji ka sheera is cooked not more than 10 minutes and with only 5 Ingredients. This sheera/halwa is itself so rich and has authentic blissful taste, I dont think to add any dry fruits or saffron to it. 

Making little creative, I patted cooked sheera with greased spatula and cut into heart shaped cookie cutter(optional).  

Ready to celebrate with homemade sweets? Here you go!

Time: 15 minutes
Serve: 4
Cuisine: Maharashtrian

1 cup Rava (suji/semolina)
3/4 cup sugar(can increase to 1 cup)
2 cup water
1 tbsp ghee (clarified butter)
1 tsp cardamom powder
sliced almond (to garnish)-optional


1. Heat ghee in a pan on 
medium heat. Add semolina and roast for few minutes stirring constantly till light golden brown.

2. Turn heat to medium-low. Add water, sugar and cardamom powder. Stir/mix for few minutes.

3. Cover with lid and cook for 4-5 minutes till all water soaked by semolina or till desired consistency.

4. Garnish with dry fruit of your choice. Serve either hot (preferred) or cold.

Rava(Semolina/Suji) cha Sheera (or Halwa) goes to just for fun event by sobha,  Indian FoodPalooza By Prerna, Barbara and Kathy.

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