Saturday, March 14, 2015

Chilled Cold Coffee (Instant Classic Coffee)

This chilled cold coffee is made in less than 2 minutes and is ever refreshing specially for summer months. First time I had cold coffee in Pune at Durga Cafe and got in love with it. 
Craving at late night? replace with decaf coffee, same taste without sleepless nights. To make the cold coffee more creamier and thicker you could add dash of fresh cream or sweetened condensed milk or a scoop of ice-cream.

Time: 2 minutes
Serve: 2


2 tbsp Instant Classic Coffee(I used Nescafe)
1 cup Chilled Milk
1 packet Trivia/Sweetener ( or 2 tbsp sugar)
few Ice cubes(around 10-12 ice cubes)
few pinch of Coffee(to garnish)


1. In blender add milk, trivia/sugar and instant coffee. Blend for few seconds. Now add ice cubes and blend till all ice cubes get nicely crushed. 

2. Serve chilled cold coffee in tall glasses, sprinkle some coffee or cocoa powder on top.


1. Another way is using espresso coffee,
Boil espresso coffee with water and sugar for 2 mins until all dissolves. Strain and combine 2 tbsp of the coffee solution with milk and ice cubes. Blend until all blends well.  Reserve remaining coffee in fridge for making cold coffee in future.

2. To make it into dessert add a scoop of ice cream or fresh cream.
3.  Decorate with chocolate syrup, semi dark chocolate chips. 

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